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ran into a wall lol

2010-02-12 17:22:04 by decoyboy320

well my partners and i have completed the story for the KH game so we agreed that we will take a break.although they are taking a break im preparing to lunch another game before the KH game.ive been playing all three mario rpg games(the ones for the hand held systems not legend of the seven stars) i have literally become obsessed with it,therefore im going to make a mario rpg entitled


i really hope the episodic adventure will be as great as mario bros Z(love that flash animation)

coming soon my friends ^_^

making my first game!

2010-02-01 17:50:35 by decoyboy320

ok my friends and i have made a big idea.we thought of making a fan kingdom hearts game.ive been using an engine called rpg maker for some time and i think im up to the challenge of completing this game and letting newgrounds play it.maybe if its big on the site ill make a sequel with voice acting ^_^ ill uploud images and ect when the gameplay is in development